How to use the USANA Reset Kit

The USANA Reset Plan consists of Three Phases The 5-Day Jump Start is an intense phase to kick off the program followed by Phase 1 Transform (4-8 weeks)* for continued improvement. Phase 2 Maintain (4-12 weeks)* will help you consolidate your new, healthier lifestyle. USANA Transform Phase 1 is a gradual transformation to help you achieve your personal health and wellness goals. During this Phase, you will introduce one regular low-Glycemic meal, two NUTRIMEAL™ meal replacements, one Nutrition Bar snack, and one regular low-glycemic snack. You should avoid eating all breads, grains, cereals, rice, pasta, and potatoes. USANA Transform Phase Two Maintain will help you maintain your personal goals. During Phase 2, you will introduce two regular low-glycemic meals into your every day diet. You will continue with one NUTRIMEAL™ meal replacement, one Nutrition Bar snack, and one regular low-gIycemic snack. In this phase you are now able to begin adding a wider variety of carbohydrates.


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